P.S.30M Rafael Hernandez-Langston Hughes School

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Recent Announcements

Thank you for visiting our website. We are currently updating this sites and will be posting up to date and current events of PS 30.

There are a couple of new and exciting social media updates that we are creating using Facebook and Twitter. As soon as we get it underway we will post the links to these sites.


Enroll Now! We have so much to offer in terms of a nurturing, caring environment were children can learn and thrive.

School Pledge

Good, Better, Best

never let it rest

until your good is better

and your better is best!

School Pledge

I am ready to respect myself!

I am ready to respect others!

I take pride in myself, my school, and my community.

I go forth to make this the best day of my life!

PS30 United Learning Schools Events

We Have a new name and a new Logo!

Run With the Champions International School Fair

PS30M School Leadership Team, UFT and United Learning Center Initiative of PS30M Meet and Greet People in Your Community.

Check Out the Photos of Our Community Event!



Get your Child's books Here!

Safe Search Engine For Kids


Grades 3 - 5 may log in to BrainPop


Log in to the NYPL site with your NYPL barcode to access BookFlix

with their Google Apps for Education login.