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Welcome Back To School Year 2020-2021


A message from Leonna Austin, Principal

to our Parents and Guardians

New Students Accounts

Hello students of PS30M Rafael Hernandez Langston Hughes School.

We hope that you are enjoying your summer and are staying safe. We look forward to welcoming you back to school!

​We want to lower the number of usernames, passwords, and sign in for each student’s countless accounts within our school (such as Amira, Amplify, Google Classroom, etc.). As a result, our school will no longer use our ps30m.org accounts after August 5, 2020. We will now be using nycstudent.net accounts for all students while teachers/staff will use their schools.nyc.gov accounts. Don’t worry, EVERYTHING that is in each school account will be moved to the new nycstudent.net account. With this account (nycstudent.net), students can access everything they may need for their entire journey in the NYCDOE including Zoom, Microsoft and Google Tools, report cards, and more. There are many more reasons for this change and we will be able to explain in more detail if you have any questions.

What should students do now?

Thank you for those of you who have already started using the new nycstudents.net accounts and have signed into Google Classroom at least once during the final weeks of school.

If you have a Chromebook/Chrome OS device given to you by the school, your child will log in with their nycstudents.net after August 5, 2020. All ps30mnyc.org accounts will be suspended after the migration.

If you have any additional questions contact: Dorothy Matthew, SPOC

Dear iPad Users,

While your DOE-loaned iPad is currently setup with a content filter to ensure your child's internet safety, an updated content filtering application is now available. Please sign-in on your device to enable these updates as soon as possible. After July 31, 2020 internet access on the iPad will be limited to DOE resources until you sign in to the Zscaler software to establish a secure connection.

What should I do next?

Please use the link below to set up Zscaler on your device, follow the instructions under “Ensure Your Child’s Internet Safety”


Thank you for your cooperation.

Remote learning resources + More

Everything PS 30M students need while learning at home and support for parents, as PS 30M's doors are closed until further notice during this global pandemic, COVID-19.

Request Your Remote Learning Device Here: NYCDOE

For Remote Learning Students Take-Out Meals : NYCDOE

STEM Remote Learning Resources: Amplify Science

Free Meals at Grab & Go Locations Listed Here NYCDOE and More

About Our School

PS 30M is an elementary school in the culturally and historically rich area of East Harlem. We serve over 340 students in grades 3K to 5th. PS 30M is a District 5 community school led by the superintendent, Danika Rux.

Ranked a 'Top 10 Hidden Gem NYC School' by SchoolSparrow for our warm and welcoming community, high diversity score, and great test scores.

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We offer a nurturing, caring environment where children can learn in a safe space.