At PS 30 we understand the importance of providing students with the necessary technology tools that will help them compete in the future. A range of computers and other technologies are available to students in classrooms, library, science lab and the teacher center.  Our new school website: provides internet resources for teachers, parents, and students.

Our Pre-K through 2nd grade students are introduced to technology early in their development.  During visits to the school computer lab, students are introduced to the Mac Lab and use Dell Windows platform desktops. Students interact with software and websites that enhances the many classroom experiences which promote higher-order thinking and problem solving techniques.  Students have both structured lessons and a chance to explore through play.  

As our students develop, they continue to build computer knowledge through engaging theme based projects and discussions.  Every year student's are introduced to new software and carefully chosen educational websites that promote and assist with building competency in literacy, mathematics, social studies, and science as well as challenge them intellectually.

In the upper grades, 3-5, students use the lab for Acuity online tutoring, word processing, Internet research, multi-media presentations, and other digital creativity media.  Our goal is to teach students the appropriate use of digital technology and to model Internet Safety.  Students are taught to be responsible and have an understanding of ethical and professional issues related to the use of technology.  They continue to develop and build upon their technology and computer skills through the use of comprehensive learning software and specific Internet learning websites.  The technology skills students have learned are further developed through their integration into other facets of the academic curriculum. 

For more information contact: Mrs. Dorothy MatthewTechnology SPOC

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