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Specialists and Other Programs

We are proud of our newly installed state of the art iMac computer lab. SmartBoard technology is integrated into the lab to accommodate different learning styles, and provide an interactive learning experience that is engaging to students. We encourage our students to develop an appreciation toward digital technology with confidence and a positive attitude toward school and their learning community. Please come and visit Ms. Matthew Computer Lab page

iPads and Laptops In The Classroom
Our teachers and students are using iPads and Laptop in their classrooms with lessons that are interactive, thoughtful, and engaging. Student have access to curriculum based sites that reinforce skills and concepts taught in class. See and learn how students are using the technology in school.  Ms. Brown 2nd grade class Ms. Cummings and Ms. Adonis 1st grade classMs. Sindab 4/5, Ms. Miller and Ms. Huntley class 5th grade, And do not visit our photo gallery!


Please come and visit our Student Art Gallery


Music and the Brain  Dr. Sherri Pratt

Opus 118 Violin Program

The Open Access Library dedicated in the name teacher James Boucher is an Open Access Library where English Language Arts Enrichment is also taught. The Library is equipped with state of the art iMac desktops, Laptops, IPads and SmartBoard technology. It is available to all grade Levels Pre-K – 5. Come and Visit Our Library Website or visit MyLibraryNYC

Visit Ms. Rookhum's Science Lab

Physical Education
Come and check out some great ideas for our kids to keep physically fit! Click here to view some PE lesson plans.

PS 30 is a uniform school and students are also expected to participate in physical education class dressed in the appropriate attire.


Mathematics Specialist
Coming soon! Ms. Thomas

Teacher Center/Literacy Coach
Coming soon! Ms. Russell